Tree Service

Brad’s Friendly Tree Service has been serving the Mountain View area for the past 21 years. Like everything, there is a right and wrong way to perform tree services. We at Brad’s Friendly Tree Service treat your home or business like our own, with safety & consideration for all your tree service needs. We work with consideration for any surrounding trees, lawns, landscapes, neighbor’s property and well being ALWAYS in mind! We never place trucks or equipment on your valuable & delicate property because there simply is no reason to!! We can safely & efficiently climb, prune or remove trees & limbs without causing any damage or disruption to the surroundings.

Tree Service in Mountain View CAYour trees become exposed to disease and fungus when you do not follow proper tree care methods in pruning them. Brad’s Friendly Tree Service in Mountain View CA and the surrounding areas understands when and how to prune trees so that the tree can create a layer of protection over the pruned area.

Brad’s Friendly Tree Service offers stump removal grinding services so that we can help you deal with the remains that are left after we cut down your tree. We can then provide the replanting of trees that were removed as is often required by most cities.